Trail 1 ~ Stornoway to the Bridge to Nowhere

15 miles

Local Businesses

Riley’s Toy and Gift Shop, Stornoway ➡️
Hungry Hounds Hebrides, Stornoway ➡️
Art by Seonaid, Stornoway ➡️
Lewis Revival, Stornoway ➡️
Empty House Traders, Stornoway ➡️
Chimney and Gable at No.7, Stornoway ➡️
Hebridean Tea Store, Stornoway ➡️
Lewis and Harris Horticultural Producers, Stornoway ➡️
Store 67, Stornoway’s outdoor lifestyle store ➡️
Island Spirit Whisky Shop, Stornoway ➡️
Alanna’s Relaxation Therapy, Stornoway ➡️
Celtic Clothing, Stornoway ➡️
Alice Catherine Jewellery, Stornoway ➡️
Salka Gift Shop, Stornoway ➡️
EJay Design, Stornoway ➡️
The Angie Touch Massage, Stornoway ➡️
LWAcupuncture, Stornoway ➡️
Tweedtastic, Stornoway ➡️
Sandwick Bay Candles, Stornoway ➡️
Hebridean Isle Tours, Stornoway ➡️
Stress Monkey Solutions, Stornoway ➡️
An Taigh Cèilidh, Gaelic Cultural Centre, Stornoway ➡️
Pocket House Studio, Back ➡️
Alpacan, Alpacas of the Outer Hebrides, 29 Coll ➡️
The Crafty Weaver, Upper Coll ➡️
Ivor MacKay – Hebridean Art, Upper Coll ➡️
Harbour Print Studios, Vatisker ➡️
Vatisker Tours, Vatisker ➡️
Tom Hickman, Studio 17, New Tolsta ➡️
Traigh Mhor Pony Trekking, Tolsta ➡️
Croft 2a and honesty shed, Tolsta ➡️


Sugar Sweet Treats Honesty Box, Stornoway ➡️
Artisan, Stornoway ➡️
An Taigh Cèilidh, Gaelic Cultural Centre and Community Café, Stornoway ➡️
Shen’s Cafe, Stornoway ➡️
The Wild Hebrides Snack Company, Stornoway ➡️
Bangla Spice, Stornoway ➡️
Eleven, Stornoway ➡️
Kopi Java, Stornoway ➡️
Harris and Lewis Smokehouse, Stornoway ➡️
Beckett and Sons, brunch and coffee shop, Stornoway ➡️
Delights, gift and coffee shop, Stornoway ➡️
No.9 coffee shop, Stornoway ➡️
The Blue Lobster, Stornoway ➡️
La Balena, Italian restaurant, Stornoway ➡️
Stornoway Distillers Shop, Kitchen & Cocktail Bar, Stornoway ➡️
Dine Hebrides, Gress ➡️
Mocha Muffin, Coll ➡️
Onboard Hebrides, Luxury grazing boards ➡️


Willow Cottage Hebrides, Marybank ➡️
Hebridean Luxury Holidays, Stornoway ➡️
Laxdale Holiday Park, Stornoway ➡️
Logan home, Stornoway ➡️
1 Inaclete Road, Stornoway ➡️
Stornoway Bed and Breakfast ➡️
Hebridean Holiday Huts, Stornoway ➡️
The Fisherman’s Rest, Stornoway ➡️
IsleBebytheSea, Stornoway ➡️
Shore Lodge, Stornoway ➡️
Heb Hostel, Stornoway ➡️
Mill View, Gress ➡️
The Back Pod, Coll ➡️
Ryka Lodge, Coll ➡️
Lewis Longhouse, Coll ➡️
Remuera, North Tolsta ➡️

Places of Interest and Local Attractions

An Lanntair, multi arts venue, Stornoway ➡️
Stornoway Sea Angling Club, Stornoway ➡️
Lews Castle and grounds, Stornoway ➡️
The Iolaire Monument, Sandwick ➡️
Coll beach, Coll ➡️
Traigh Mhor beach, Tolsta ➡️

Public Loos

The Co-op, MacAulay Road, Stornoway ➡️
Tesco, Ferry Road, Stornoway ➡️
Perceval Road Public Toilets, Stornoway ➡️
Bus Station, Stornoway ➡️
Traigh Mhor beach ➡️
List of all public toilets ➡️